Friday, October 22, 2010

Geez, who died?

Well, if ya didn't know already... I love doing DIY projects. I'm also a huge fan of Threadbanger. Or at least I was when Rob, Corrine, and Meg were the hosts.... Anyway. I used their idea of making a bloody curtain and placed it outside. Had fun making it. The kid next door helped by providing the bloody hand prints. I cut stripes in it so that you actually get to the door. Just ran a razor through it. Didn't mean to make it all crocked, but hey that adds to the effect.


I loved it so much, I came up with the idea of doing the same on my nails. And viola! Me new nails. Hubby thinks it looks stupid, but meh.. screw him. What does he know, right?Photobucket


This was super easy to do. Paint the nails white... add red and bam, you are done!

Here is the tutorial. Enjoy! Photobucket

Grr... Imma bite you!!!

This is my second attempt at making this mani. First round was a total fail. I used black to shape the fangs and tried to use a purple and blue gradient for the background of the bat. Fail, fail, FAIL!!! It looked horrid!

I got the idea for this from seeing The Daily Nail's True Blood nail art I wasn't willing to file my index and pinky to make the fangs, though. Which is why I drew mine on instead. You definitely need to use a neutral background for those nails. The dark red for the blood, really clashed with the black I used the first time around.


I think my bat looks a bit funky though.Photobucket

Here is the tutorial for it. Enjoy! Photobucket

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Simple Halloween Design

I wore this mani around the first of the month. I wanted a Halloween look that was more subtle. So I went with a simple black and orange design.

While wearing this design, my nails had a bit of a tough time. I helped my bestie move. Ugh, that was exhausting! Two couches, TV, dresser, bed....the whole nine. With an hour drive in between it took about 3 days. Luckily, I took precaution. Before leaving, I applied a protective top coat. It was this random Sally Hanson one I picked up at the Dollar Tree. I was in a hurry and the top coat was taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R to dry!!! So I added a layer of Seche Vite to speed it up. I am soooo glad I did. By the end of the moving process, the polish on my right thumb nail had been scrapped off. Yes, that's right, scrapped, not chipped! I think it happened while helping with the wall. (The new place has this awesome accent wall. Hubby and I helped them with it.) I'm just glad it was the polish and not the actual nail. I got tons of polish. Polish I can replace, a nail I gotta grow. Photobucket




I only used 3 polishes for this design. L.A. Colors, Black Velvet. NYC, Times Square Tangerine Creme. And Art Deco in Bright Orange.

Here is the video for it. Enjoy!

Breast Cancer Awareness Manicure

My poor blog... Oh how I've neglected you. I promise I will try to update you more often.

This did this manicure for a friend of mine from, GillaGrrl. She had her avatar dressed in pink and had her post style pink to match. All for the support of breast cancer awareness. Seeing her gave me the idea to do this mani.


I also got a tear on the side of my index nail. Which really, really sucks. I had just finished growing out a tear I had on my middle finger on the right hand. It was getting bad fast. As soon as I was done filming the tutorial for this I had to try to fix it.


I first tried to patch it with a tea bag. Didn't work. The nail just cracked even worse. So instead I covered it in acrylic. That did the trick. ^_^

As far as the actual mani, I used 3 sinful colors polishes. Glass pink for a base color. Creme Pink for the tips. And Pinky Glitter over the tips. lol, I do love my glitter polishes. For the ribbon, I used Sally Hanson's I Pink I can. I thought about outlining the ribbon with white, but I don't think it needed it.

Here the tutorial. Enjoy! >_<

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review: Relon Lashes

Ugh, lately I've had a serious case of the lazies. I've had these lashes about a month and am just now get to this review. I was contacted by a Revlon representative to review these lashes. All opinions are mine... all mine.

I happen to not wear lashes, so to help me with the review, I turned to my best friend Stephanie.


First up is the Fantasy Lengths Self Adhesive Lashes

Stephanie tried these out.
Some positives about these are that they come with detailed instructions and has applicator. The applicator helped alot. And that is where the positives stop. The adhesive sucked. It stuck to the makeup, rather than your eye lid. We tried to put the extra adhesive strip to see if that would help and the damn thing was impossible to put on. Just look how nasty it turned out.


We ended up using a different glue for the other eye and it held up better. Over all, don't buy these. They are just a waste of money.

Next up is the Fantasy Lengths Intensifying:

We both tried these out. I tried the left eye, Stephanie the right.
We both agree that they were easy to apply and easy to blend in with your natural lashes. Theses are definitely good for day to day looks. These were my personal favorites.


Lastly is the Beyond Natural and the Precision Lash Adhesive

We both tried these out. I tried the right eye, Steph, the left.
Right away, you get that Dramatic look. These have that OMG factor. The lashes were lite and had an easy application. Great over all. The glue was really good too, no complaints there. These ended up being Steph's fav.


With the exception of the self adhesive lashes, these were great. But I have got to say... Revlon, WTF is with the names? The "natural" lashes were very dramatic and the "fantasy" lashes were natural. That makes no sense.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nailene French Tip guides and Nail Art stickers


This is an absolute must for me. I suck at doing a freestyle french tip. When ever I try, they always turn out sloppy. So when Nailene sent me some guides to review, I was excited. Actually I use the regular french tip guides and they sent me these tips and toes, but hey no complaints here. I've been wanting some toe guides but can never find them in the stores.

The only draw back with the guides is that the adhesive is a bit too strong. No matter how long I wait between using my base coat and the guides, they always seem to rip my base coat off when removing the guides. But I did discover an easy fix for this.

I was watching a few reviews on youtube for the "Smartnails Nail Stencils" and in every single review, they said to first place to stencil on your skin to take the harshness off the glue. So easy and simple. I immediately thought of doing that with the french tip guides. I place the guide on my skin 2-3 times. The amount of glue left after that is similar to the glue on a post-it. Perfect for the nail.


I was also given some nail art stickers. This is what I was most excited for. I mean, who doesn't love decals? There have been times when I've wanted to have gorgeous nails but just didn't feel like creating something complicated. Nail art stickers are definitely the way to go.

Here is a really simple, cute nail art design I did using the french tip guides and the nail art stickers.

I also have a review of the french tip pens coming soon. So keep and eye out for that ass well.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hauls and a Rant

Alright this is going to be a mix match blog. I've got a few hauls and some nail art as well as a haul related rant.

I suppose I should start with this. I had to buy a few things at the Dollar Tree. I only had an extra $1 to spare to buy something for my self, so of course I went to their makeup/nails section. They had a few two pack packages of Sally Hanson polishes. They all were mixed. A top coat paired up with a random polish or an xtreme wear with a hard as nails color. I spotted this baby.


Maximum Growth in 57 Poetic and Magical in Blue Aura. Poetic, I didn't really care for. Love the color but the polish is too runny. I don't see myself using it much. Maybe for some water marbling. They actually had two bottles of the Magical brand, the Blue Aura and some copper color. Of course given the choice between a blue or a copper, I'm gonna choose the the blue. I've never seen these Magical polishes before, but based on the design of the bottle, I figured it must be a holo polish. Sure enough, when I got home and played with it, it was a holo. A gorgeous one at that. I ended up using it for a nail art.


Used it to make a french tip. And I added a star decal that I fished out of a polish from Hot Topic. No tut for this yet.... well not uploaded at least. I already have it filmed. Just gotta edit and upload. The polish itself was pretty good. It was a bit runny. But, IDK it that was because of the formula or if it was cause the polish was old. I went back the next day in hopes that the copper was still such luck though. :( I did dig through their old... and I do mean OLD Maybellines. They were all so nasty looking. Not just the condition of them but the colors too. I did find one goodie though.


This is Matte Maker. I've been wanting a matte top coat for a while now. I missed my opportunity to get a China Glaze Magic matte for 99 cents at Sally's. But now I have this, so YAY!!!!

Next up!
I picked up this little beauty at my favorite thrift store for 45 cents. It doesn't have a name though. Anyone have a clue what it's called?

And last but not least... What I bought today and the source of my rant.


I came into the store wanting two things. I wanted Hidden treasures and I wanted a good creme pink. I also wanted to check out the Sinful Colors (My fave brand) This particular Wallgreens is out of my way. I go in and I was shocked. They have tons and tons and tons of Sinful Colors. AND they had the exact polish I was looking for.... I was sooooo happy.

So what made it so bad? The mother effin' sales woman! When I first came in, she said hello and went back to what she was doing.....then two seconds later....Do you need any help with anything?.....two more seconds later.....Are you ready to check out......I can get you here when your ready ma'am......let me know when your ready. Jesus woman, let me shop! I zipped through there as fast as I could and ran to the other side of the store, then ran to the register.

I would love to come back there to dig through their polishes, but I don't wanna deal with "that'' woman again.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Klean Colors Haul

This is my first time buying Klean Colors. I found them at the dollar store >_<
And it wasn't just any dollar store, it was one of those "Everything is a dollar" dollar stores. I love those. They are a goldmine! This particular one I love cause they have a full display of Art Decos, L.A. Colors and tons of accessories like glass files. Well, I went in and spotted a new display of Klean Colors. So of course, I had to buy some.

Neon Aqua -- This is a gorgeous shade of blue. The color is similar to L.A Color's Static Electricity. Pigmentation is very good too, it was opaque in just one coat.

Charcoal -- I like this one. It has a nice pigment and was opaque in one coat. It also has a matte finish to it. That surprised me since there is no label saying its a matte polish.

True Purple -- Oh I just had to get this. I love purple. This is medium dark purple and is opaque in 2 coats. I think the name is a perfect way to describe it. True purple, ah that it be. Love it, simply gorgeous.

Gold Bright -- Love, love, love this one! I've been searching for a perfect shade of gold. I've used this twice already. Its a shimmer, but not to overwhelming and is opaque in 2-3 coats.

Plum -- Its a semi dark purple and was opaque in two coats. I haven't used this one yet. But I am looking forward to it.

Mocha -- I've been needing more neutral colors. This is a creamy dark shade of tan and is opaque in 1 coat.

And I just had to get a picture of my dog. He just looked so cute.

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Thrifty Finds

So I've never been someone who had the money to just buy whatever the hell they wanted. I grew up poor. I bought my clothes at Wal-mart, my shoes at Payless. This was before the recession of course. So to been seen in stores like that, during my teen years, was harsh. I was teased and made fun of. I had clothes with holes in them and my parents couldn't afford to buy me new ones. That's one positive thing to come from the recession. There is no shame in admitting you don't have alot of money. Shopping at "cheap stores" is common. Why pay $50 on a pair of jeans when you can go to Goodwill and spend that same amount of money on 10 pairs of jeans? Why should you spend $200 on a purse when you can get one for $5? I love this. And I hope that this mentality doesn't go away when the recession does. I love how when someone asks me where I got something, I can be like...."Oh this? I got this at a thrift store." And there is no shame, I don't get looks, I don't get made fun of for it. And in fact, their eyes light up. "OMG, which one? I need to go to that one."

Which brings me to why I'm writing this particular blog in the first place. I guess it started with a conversation I had on gaiaonline with my friends, x Tragic Rabbit x and QueenNanami. Tragic has started taking pictures of clothes she had bought from thrift stores and posted them onto her Facebook. I think that is an awesome idea and wish I had thought of that. She also mentioned she got a Prada handbag for $3. Killer deal, right? Well, we kept talking and I decided, oh what the hell.... I wanna show off too. >_< So here is my nail related thrift store finds.

BTW, other than nails, my obsession is purses. Click if you're interested in seeing some of my collection.
My Facebook

So, if you watch me on youtube, you'll notice I like using the water marbling technique a lot. Well, I got tired of having to hunt down a cup to use every time. So, I decided to just go ahead and buy something I can use over and over again. I found a cute little votive candle holder for 66 cents. And while waiting at the register I spotted this China Glaze. The polish is in good condition and only a small amount has been used.
China Glaze, The Fifth Avenue -- $0.66

I got these while looking for a vase. Love, love, love Sinful colors! And I was surprised to see, not one, but two Essie polishes.
Sinful Colors, Satin -- $0.75
Essie, Moda Scoota -- $0.75
Essie, Over the Knee -- $.45

I got this and the Love my Nails back in October if I remember correctly. I love this polish. It's a nice dark gold and the quality is very good. I did a very nice leopard print using this polish.
Nina Ultra Pro, Brassy Bronze -- $1.48

I've heard good things about this brand. Thing is, I can't find it any where. Wal-mart carries it, but not in all of their stores. I went to their website and found that the closet one to me that does carry it is in the next town. What do I find when I get there? That particular store has been closed down. >_> Thanks Wal-mart, thanks.
Love my Nails, Star Bright & Dazzling -- $0.45 each