About Me

Hello everyone. ^_^
My name is Vita. My nail obsession started more or less when I was a little girl. I used to chew on my nails as soon as they had any small amount of a tip. It wasn't until I saw a lady at a restaurant with extremely long nails, that I wanted to stop. Her nails were fully manicured. My memory isn't perfect, but from what I remember, they were red with some kind of nail art. From that moment I tried to stop the chewing. It wasn't easy, but I kept picturing those long beautiful nails.

From there they did grow. And I did have them long. Only thing was I wasn't really taking care of them. I wore polish every now and then, but no base or top coat. My nails were all uneven lengths. I didn't care if I broke one. It wasn't until early 2009 that I finally started to get into nail care. I turned to youtube to look up tips on nail care. Which then turned into searches on how to do a french manicure. From there I found nail art and, here I am now.

In 2011, after searching and searching for a school in my area, that still offers Nail Technology courses, I enrolled and became a professional Nail Technician.