Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Henna Designs - Part 1

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Well in my last post , I mentioned that I learned quite a few things at my last job. One of which, is henna. The main boss (the one I actually liked) was an expert at henna designs. At first I just hovered over her while she did it. It intrigued me. I always had her apply left overs on me.

In our little shopping center, there was a Middle Eastern boutique. The owner's daughter (about 8, I think) loved to come in for henna. My boss always did it for her for free too. Well one day, when she came in, my boss handed me the cone and said "Here you go, Vita, you do it" And I've been doing it ever since.

I don't have a picture of that very first design, but trust me when I say it was horrible. That little girl loved it though. Most little girls are like that. They just want something, don't care what design. Which is why my boss started me off with little kids, til I was better.

Here is one of the firsts... Can you say bleh

 photo f4916162-1ac1-4dd3-9b1f-f64e94f8cc6e_zps997ab526.jpg

Now, I'm a visual learner. I have to see it, and then copy it. That's how I was with nail designs too. My boss had a book with henna designs in it. When ever I had down time, I practiced on my self. Customers sometimes would come in with a design they found on google. This was better for me too.

Most of these are not my original designs. No idea who the original artists were, so I can't credit them. I am watermarking them though cause I did do the physical work, I just didn't create it originally.

 photo 2601596d-a419-43c4-b0be-b2e0ed4821a1_zpsb3728bfb.jpg

 photo 934eb53e-e63c-4f1e-82a1-5ca267e688d4_zpsc094ca5a.jpg

 photo 9fa8f7e6-b85e-4b8b-bfbb-e7f5966dff60_zps8af14caa.jpg

 photo ca9f70af-02fe-4374-94aa-7e022e87ffa1_zpsa95b80d1.jpg

 photo 6bfac910-ec7e-4038-82a2-25e7d7d2b3f1_zps60eccec8.jpg

 photo b235694b-a0e1-42d3-950d-9c17ee96f84b_zpsf078d990.jpg

I wish I could claim this next one as mine. I didn't recreate it either. This lady had gotten this done while on vacation. The design had just barely started to fade. She really liked the design and wanted to go over it again. So, all I had to do was trace over it.

 photo 48c29796-d9b2-4615-a559-b550660a7a39_zpsa1729d27.jpg

Its not all girls that want henna tattoos. This guy really, really liked the last Batman movie.

 photo ddb40389-0329-4220-986a-93892909b9a4_zps95f55b27.jpg

Eventually, my skills improved and I was able to experiment with my own styles and designs. The rest of these are all me.;)

Sometimes at work, I needed to take off my wedding rings. So I decided to put a henna ring there instead.

 photo 48f8fed4-3dfe-41ac-b80f-ff509e822176_zpsf9f8a054.jpg

 photo 3a1ca1b1-95c4-42bc-b0e7-bbb4210731f4_zps8352199c.jpg

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 photo e1baf8f3-833c-49eb-80fe-f8b75fbd8856_zpsacd97fc9.jpg

Here is one of my boss putting a design on herself. She is putting a new one on top of an old one.

 photo 02656fa7-c88a-4ffe-b3a6-f49ddd8b1eac_zps618843cd.jpg

That's it for now. I have more on my phone. I'll add those in another post. These are just the ones I had on my facebook.

I know this isn't "nail art" related, but I wanted to share these.