Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wintery Blues


This is a design my friend Andrea did. I really liked the way hers looked, so I copied it. I just did a few things different. I used a shimmery white as the base and used darker shades of blue. I also added the beads along the half moon.

Polishes used:
Base color- Klean Colors, Metallic White
Revlon, Blue Lagoon
Essie, One day with out the Blues
Wet n Wild, Saved by the Blue
Ulta, Moody Blues

Then I added Sinful Colors, Hottie over the gradient only. And then added the rhinestones and beads.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Black Friday Haul and Experience

My Thanksgiving was pretty good. I did all the cooking. Everything from the turkey to all the side dishes. I did end up burning my finger on the top of my oven while trying to bast the turkey. Its okay though, its a small burn and doesn't hurt anymore. Everyone enjoyed the food. Turkey was delish. I ate soooooo much.

Usually when it comes to the whole Black Friday thing, I'm not interested in anything. Its always my husband that looks for the all the deals on movies, games and other electronics. This is the first time I really got into the sales.

That being said, I wanna give a big shout out to Nouveau Cheap With out her blog, no way would I have known what I know. I've been following her blog for... oh I'd say about a year now. She always posts scoops on beauty deals. She's like a "Beauty Product Extreme Coupon-er"

Through her, I saw the sales ad for CVS. And she mentioned what beauty products were on sale, along with what items gave Extra Care Bucks (ECB). I immediately made a list of goodies I wanted.

For those that don't know, Extra Bucks are not rebates but actual coupons which print out at the bottom of your receipt when certain items are bought. The ECB can then be used to purchase almost all merchandise sold at CVS with some exceptions like alcohol and cigarettes and such.

Almost everything I bought gave me ECB.
Revlon- $4 each
WnW set- $2
Pepto- $2.99
Starbucks Double Shot- $1.67
Carmex- $1
Twix- .75
Hershey's- .99

A lot of people I've seen go crazy with the extreme couponing. I only got things I wanted or needed. I didn't see the point in buying crap I didn't want.

Next, my husband had looked at the Wal-Mart sales ad. I had told him to check for goodies for me, but him being him, he forgot. He was too focused on his goodies, lol. So I took a look for myself. No beauty products in the ad. But I did see some kitchen goodies. I also looked at other ads, but nothing else interested me. Meh...

So... Onto the shopping.

I had planned on getting most of my stuff at CVS and a bit at Wal-Mart. Hubby wanted to go to Best Buy, Game Stop and Fry's.

We left the house around 8pm. There is a CVS like 2 mins away from my house.

Round 1:
-1 Revlon polish
-The Wet and Wild Festive pack
Total= $9 with $7 ECB

Next there was another CVS on the way to where Wal-Mart and Best Buy are

Round 2:
-1 Revlon polish
-1 Starbucks Double Shot Espresso
Total= $0 with $6.67 ECB

Next I dropped off hubby at Best Buy. It was 9:30 and there was already a long line. And I rushed over to Wal-Mart. Parking was insane! There was a Sam's Club next door and had to park there. I walked in and it was super packed. I didn't even know where the stuff I wanted was. I made my way over to where all the kitchen stuff was and waited. I still had about 10-15 mins till the sale started. And let me just say...
OMFG!!!! People are insane!

What I had planned on buying was The Rival mini chopper, Rival mini waffle maker and the Black n Decker blender. I got none of that! I wiggled my ass all over that area and could find what I wanted. I did see one lady with 5 blenders. Another had 3 vacuums. Like I said, people are insane!

^^ This lady had 3 carts full of stuff.

Whilst wondering around, I did find a mini chopper. It was the same brand, Rival, but bigger. And it was $10. I grabbed it! There were only 3 left too. So, after all that, I made it to the registers... with my one item. Ugh, fail.

^^ This is my line

Okay, okay, so after all that... I really had to pee. Wal-Mart's restroom had a line. So I just left. Figured I'd just find a gas station or something. Yeah... that was another fail. Since it was still Thanksgiving. Tons of places that would normally be open at 11pm, weren't. I kept driving and dun dun dun... found another CVS. Ran straight to the restroom! lol, and since I was there... decided to go for round 3.

Round 3:
-1 Revlon polish
-1 bottle of Pepto
Total= $2.41 with $7.99 ECB

By then it was 11:30 ish. Drove all the way back to Best Buy and tried to find a parking spot. lol, I got there at perfect timing. By the time I found where my husband was, it was time to start walking in. Here my husband wanted two things. a 3TB external hard drive and Gears of War 3. Once in we split. He went for the game, I went for the 3TB. All of the hard drives said USB 3.0 on them. And when your in a hurry, its easy to see 3.0 and think 3TB. So because of this, there were a ton of guys hovering around them. The 3TB was on the bottom shelf and there was one left. So, I totally wiggled between their legs and grabbed the last one. lol, no shame!

Also while we were here, we met up with a couple of friends. Totally unplanned. They said they first went to another Best Buy but the line was even longer than the one at this one. We hadn't seen each other in a while, so it was nice. We had tons of time to catch up cause damn the check out line was insane. Best Buy only had 6 cashiers! The store opened at midnight, we didn't get out till after 3 am!

^^ Random product I saw at Best Buy. I mean, really. A Justin Beiber SINGING tooth brush!

Gamestop was only 10 mins away from the Best Buy. The four of us went there. My husband had said that Gamestop was suppose to open at midnight too. But for some reason, this one didn't. Luckily the line was short. Only like 10-15 people in line. We asked and the guys in line said the store opened at 4 am. My friend wanted to go to Ulta. Me personally... I didn't want to go there. I didn't see anything in the ad that was interesting. There was like one thing I saw, but not worth the time to go there. But she wanted to go, so I figured... meh, I'm already here might as well.

We had no idea what time they started their sale, so while the guys were in line at gamestop we went to Ulta to check. When we got there, we were lucky enough to see an employee there on her way into work. She said the store opened at 5 am. So... back to the boys.

My husband wanted to buy a charging station for his wii. And our friends pretty much just looked around. They didn't see anything they wanted to get. We were at Gamestop for IDK, 30 minutes maybe.

Then back to Ulta. We just stayed in the car till it was about 3 mins. to open. It wasn't super cold outside, but chilly enough to were you really didn't want to stand out in it. So we weren't the only ones waiting to the last minute to line up. The line here was short too. I looked at some OPI minis and well... I'm sorry, but the OPI minis are a total rip off. I know they are minis, but these are just insanely small. Enough polish to do what? Two manis? You only get 4 bottles and they want $12.50 for it? Fuck that! I did see the one thing in the ad I was interested in. The mix and match 5 for $5. I grabbed four polishes and a facial mask. My friend got one of the makeup kits. Pretty good price too.

After all this, I asked my husband if he still wanted to go to Fry's. His exact words to me was "Fuck...that...shit!!!"

LOL! so that was the end of the night for us. By the time we got home it was 6:30 am. We both crashed.

^^ All my goodies for the night. Not the best pic I know, but hey it was 6:30 in the morning.

Once we woke up, I wanted to go back to CVS and do some more damage. Hubby stayed at home. lol, he didn't want to do any more shopping. I don't blame him. He did stand in line from 9:30 to midnight and then had to be in line till after 3. That is way too long to be in a store. Plus it meant I could take my time and not deal with hearing him complain.

So, here we go Round 4:
- 2 Revlon polishes
Total= $2.15 with $8 ECB

On to the next CVS, Round 5:
- 1 Revlon polish
- 1 EOS lip balm
- 1 Twix candy
Total= $1.33 with $4.75 ECB

And lastly, Round 6:
- 1 surge protector
- 1 Hershey's Drops
Total= $1.33 with $.99 ECB.

By then I had had enough. I got all I wanted and just wanted to be done with all my ECB's. My husband had said he needed another surge protector, so I decided to spend the last on that. Last minute I decided to get the candy. It was by the register and since I bought the Twix for me, I decided to get something for my husband too. And because of that I still have 99 cents left. Meh, its good for a month. I'm not in a hurry to spent it.


If anyone is wondering why I went to 3 CVS's twice instead of all at the same store... Well, to be honest, I'm new to all this stuff and I would feel embarrassed to make 6 transactions at once. And not only that, the first one I went to didn't have that good of a selection of Revlons. The second one was on the way to other stores. And the third one was kinda out of the way, but I needed to pee! LMAO!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Feeling a bit Kawaii



Super bright in the first photo. The second one is more accurate.
Notice the lumpy pinky? I thought my seche vite was dry enough... it wasn't.

Anyway, this is super girly. I love it. I've had the beads for a while now, but never got around to using any of them. The stars I got from a confetti pack. It had all the rainbow colors. Although I have discovered that the color bleeds when you add the top coat. So... yeah.... I don't use any of the colored stars. Just the silver and golds.

I have Essie, Fiji as the base and Klean Colors, Holo Pink for the stripes. I am not a fan of this Essie. I put on 3 coats of Fiji and it still could have used a 4th. I stopped at 3 cause I thought the streaks wouldn't be noticeable since I was adding stripes. Wrong! I can still see bare spots between the stripes.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feeling Blue-y


I've got a lot going on in this mani.
Decided to do something different on each nail,
but keep it all in the same color group.

Right so on to what I used...

Base is Essie- One day without blues
Dots are Sinful Colors- Hot Spot.

Base is Sinful Colors- Hot Spot
Stripes is Revlon- Blue Lagoon

Base is Essie- One day without blues
Stripes are Klean Colors- Holo Crome

Base is Revlon- Blue Lagoon
Crackle is La Rosa- 08 Blue (creative name, huh?)

Base is Sinful Colors- Hot Spot
For the glitter, first I put a coat of Klean Color's Blue Satin, but it wasn't sparkly enough for my tastes, so I added a coat of Wet and Wild's Blue wants to be a millionaire