Monday, March 8, 2010

My Thrifty Finds

So I've never been someone who had the money to just buy whatever the hell they wanted. I grew up poor. I bought my clothes at Wal-mart, my shoes at Payless. This was before the recession of course. So to been seen in stores like that, during my teen years, was harsh. I was teased and made fun of. I had clothes with holes in them and my parents couldn't afford to buy me new ones. That's one positive thing to come from the recession. There is no shame in admitting you don't have alot of money. Shopping at "cheap stores" is common. Why pay $50 on a pair of jeans when you can go to Goodwill and spend that same amount of money on 10 pairs of jeans? Why should you spend $200 on a purse when you can get one for $5? I love this. And I hope that this mentality doesn't go away when the recession does. I love how when someone asks me where I got something, I can be like...."Oh this? I got this at a thrift store." And there is no shame, I don't get looks, I don't get made fun of for it. And in fact, their eyes light up. "OMG, which one? I need to go to that one."

Which brings me to why I'm writing this particular blog in the first place. I guess it started with a conversation I had on gaiaonline with my friends, x Tragic Rabbit x and QueenNanami. Tragic has started taking pictures of clothes she had bought from thrift stores and posted them onto her Facebook. I think that is an awesome idea and wish I had thought of that. She also mentioned she got a Prada handbag for $3. Killer deal, right? Well, we kept talking and I decided, oh what the hell.... I wanna show off too. >_< So here is my nail related thrift store finds.

BTW, other than nails, my obsession is purses. Click if you're interested in seeing some of my collection.
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So, if you watch me on youtube, you'll notice I like using the water marbling technique a lot. Well, I got tired of having to hunt down a cup to use every time. So, I decided to just go ahead and buy something I can use over and over again. I found a cute little votive candle holder for 66 cents. And while waiting at the register I spotted this China Glaze. The polish is in good condition and only a small amount has been used.
China Glaze, The Fifth Avenue -- $0.66

I got these while looking for a vase. Love, love, love Sinful colors! And I was surprised to see, not one, but two Essie polishes.
Sinful Colors, Satin -- $0.75
Essie, Moda Scoota -- $0.75
Essie, Over the Knee -- $.45

I got this and the Love my Nails back in October if I remember correctly. I love this polish. It's a nice dark gold and the quality is very good. I did a very nice leopard print using this polish.
Nina Ultra Pro, Brassy Bronze -- $1.48

I've heard good things about this brand. Thing is, I can't find it any where. Wal-mart carries it, but not in all of their stores. I went to their website and found that the closet one to me that does carry it is in the next town. What do I find when I get there? That particular store has been closed down. >_> Thanks Wal-mart, thanks.
Love my Nails, Star Bright & Dazzling -- $0.45 each

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  1. That is a great haul; I love when I can find nail polish cheap!