Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Manicure

My poor blog... Oh how I've neglected you. I promise I will try to update you more often.

This did this manicure for a friend of mine from gaiaonline.com, GillaGrrl. She had her avatar dressed in pink and had her post style pink to match. All for the support of breast cancer awareness. Seeing her gave me the idea to do this mani.


I also got a tear on the side of my index nail. Which really, really sucks. I had just finished growing out a tear I had on my middle finger on the right hand. It was getting bad fast. As soon as I was done filming the tutorial for this I had to try to fix it.


I first tried to patch it with a tea bag. Didn't work. The nail just cracked even worse. So instead I covered it in acrylic. That did the trick. ^_^

As far as the actual mani, I used 3 sinful colors polishes. Glass pink for a base color. Creme Pink for the tips. And Pinky Glitter over the tips. lol, I do love my glitter polishes. For the ribbon, I used Sally Hanson's I Pink I can. I thought about outlining the ribbon with white, but I don't think it needed it.

Here the tutorial. Enjoy! >_<

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